’90s Heartthrobs Diether, John Lloyd, Piolo, and Jericho Reunion Photo Sparks Idea for TV or Film Concept


The viral reunion photo of Diether Ocampo, John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual, and Jericho Rosales may soon be the inspiration for a new movie or TV series, according to Pascual. He mentioned that he has already commissioned someone to develop a concept before someone else beats him to it.

Pascual is also part of The Hunks, a male group that ABS-CBN formed in 2001 and included Rosales and Ocampo. They are hoping to start working on the project soon, once they have the first draft of the script.

Netizens noticed the different fashion styles of the four actors from the group photo that Pascual posted on his Facebook page. Ocampo looked neat in khaki pants and a polo shirt, while Cruz went for a casual look with a white T-shirt and bucket hat. Pascual had a rugged look with his gray denim jacket, and Rosales looked suave in a blue suit jacket. The photo was taken in March during a reunion dinner organized by Johnny Manahan and Mariole Alberto, former executives of ABS-CBN’s talent management arm Star Magic.

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Pascual and the others had a great time during the reunion, which he described as “a super good reunion. We all didn’t want to leave.” The event was like seeing their parents after 20 years and learning that they feel proud of what they have become. Pascual and the others did a lot of reminiscing and some of them got drunk. The gathering has kept them talking, and they have new ideas to work on after that meet-up. They are excited because they have become content creators and produce their own stuff.

Pascual recently finished taping for a new series with Alessandra de Rossi that will be streamed on Netflix. He also finished shooting Brillante Ma Mendoza’s action-drama movie “Bangsa Moro” and Pepe Diokno’s historical drama “GomBurZa.” Thop Nazareno’s thriller film “The Ride,” with Pascual acting alongside Kyle Echarri, is currently in post-production work. He will also go on a concert tour in the United States in July.

Being a freelancer, Pascual now has more freedom to choose the roles he takes on. He mentioned that interesting projects are still coming his way, and he is grateful for them. He loves what he does and being a producer is one of the hats he wears. Pascual co-owns the movie production outfit Spring Films with film-TV director Joyce Bernal and talent manager Erickson Raymundo.

For Pascual, the set is his playground. He feels more at home, more in touch with his senses, and more productive when he is on the set. He realized during the pandemic that he hates being unproductive. Prior to entering show business, Pascual started out as a member of Teatro Tomasino, the official theater guild of the University of Santo Tomas.

He hasn’t performed onstage for almost 30 years, but he said that he would do it again if it were something local and original. When he was pitched with the idea of starring in “Ibarra,” he said yes right away, without really thinking what he would get himself into. The musical stage play will be top-billed by Pascual in June.

Pascual pointed out that he has two or three more films that he’s supposed to do before the year ends. He loves what he does and considers it a privilege to wear different hats, including being a producer. He mentioned that he is grateful that interesting projects are still coming his way, and he now has more freedom to choose the roles he takes on. Pascual is excited about the future and the possibilities it holds, especially with the reunion photo

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