Actress Dolly de Leon grateful to Eugene Domingo for helping her during tough times

De Leon shared that during a particularly difficult time, hen she had no means to pay, and her child had to stop attending school, Domingo came to support her.

Actress Dolly de Leon recently opened up about the challenges she faced financially and the support she received from her friend and fellow actress Eugene Domingo. During an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” de Leon revealed that Domingo has always been there for her in good and bad times.

The two actresses have been friends since their teenage years when they were part of the UP theater arts. De Leon shared that during a particularly difficult time, when she had no means to pay for her electricity bills and her child had to stop attending school because she could not pay tuition, Domingo was one of the friends who came to support her. Domingo supported the schooling of one of de Leon’s four children for three years.

Dolly on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda

De Leon expressed her gratitude for Domingo’s friendship and support, especially since Domingo had already reached superstardom by that time. “Even if she reached that superstardom level already, she was always a friend. She was always Uge, as we know her,” de Leon shared.

De Leon also talked about her journey to success and the importance of treating everyone with kindness. She shared that before her Hollywood success, she was in a “bad, dark place” and realized the significance of kindness towards others. De Leon also encouraged those aspiring to be actors to understand that “rejection is part of the job.”

De Leon emphasized that her success is the fruit of her labor and that luck had nothing to do with it. She said, “I would say that hard work is 90%, timing is probably 10%. I worked really hard to become the actor that I am today.”

De Leon has several upcoming projects, including the dark comedy film “A Very Good Girl,” which will also feature Kathryn Bernardo. The actress expressed her excitement for the upcoming film and shared that she has become a happier person through her journey to success.

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