Liza Soberano Speaks Up About Love Team Culture in Philippine Showbiz


In the entertainment industry, love teams are a common practice, especially in the Philippines. Liza Soberano, half of the popular LizQuen pairing, spoke out about how love teams are the only way for aspiring actors to gain recognition in the Philippines.

During an interview with South Korean singers Ashley Choi and BTOB’s Peniel on her “Get Real” podcast last April 28, Soberano revealed that being in a love team is a phenomenon that guarantees a ticket to widespread success in the local showbiz industry.

Soberano and Enrique Gil, her reel-to-real-life partner, rose to fame after working together in several teleseryes and films. Soberano described love teams as when two actors are put together and shipped, and there’s a reel and real scenario where they’re supposed to be a real couple on and off cam, and they only work with each other for their whole career.

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In the Philippines, the only way to become a really big star, especially if you’re not a singer, is to become a part of a love team.

The actress shared that during the beginning of an aspiring actor’s career, they are tested by putting them in a project together where they are not necessarily the leads, which is a chemistry test. If it becomes popular among viewers, they will have their own movie or TV show. If that really takes off, then they become a love team and get shipped really hard. Once they are in a love team, they start working on project after project together.

Soberano admitted that she mainly worked with one co-actor and love teams throughout her career. She said that actors involved in love teams can choose their own partners “until very late” in their careers. However, she pointed out that she is “expected” to be with just one person throughout her career and personal life. People do not want to see her working with another male actor or any other male in general. The line between an actor’s personal life and career gets blurred when they are in a love team, and they don’t know what reality is.

Choi, who still remained shocked over the topic, asked Soberano what happens to love teams if they are “not dating in real life.” Soberano explained that some love teams do not date in real life, but they are not allowed to say that. In the beginning of a love team, actors are not allowed to say that they are dating because they want to keep the fans kind of hungry with their relationship status. It helps with the project because fans are always excited. Whenever they do interviews to promote the project, they always ask if they’re dating already or officially dating or not.

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