Martin Nievera and Morissette: Finding Joy and Passion in Music Through Unforgettable Performances


Martin Nievera, a renowned singer with a career spanning four decades, recently shared his experience as part of a series of shows in Manila, led by acclaimed composer and record producer David Foster. Despite the repetitive nature of performing, Martin emphasized the importance of finding joy in music and being reminded of the passion that drives him.

The series of shows comprised eight performances, with some days featuring two shows. On March 25, the cast celebrated the birthday of David’s wife, singer Katharine McPhee, who also participated in the show. Instead of simply indulging in cake and acknowledging the upcoming performances, David chose to immerse himself and the team in music. Martin recounted, “He has been part of what could very well be millions of songs and he still wants to play them offstage or off-camera. He just loves music.” The group spent time singing until the early hours of the morning, exchanging songs and discovering hidden gems. The songs they performed that night became a part of their setlist the following day. For David Foster, music is not merely a job but a lifelong passion.

Martin emphasized that despite the repetitive nature of a singer’s job, it is crucial never to lose the love for music. He cited the example of performing his signature song “Be My Lady” numerous times but stressed the importance of maintaining the passion. Morissette, another artist who participated in David’s Manila concerts, echoed this sentiment. She described the experience as unforgettable and highlighted the value of self-care and discipline for performers.

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The demanding schedule of consecutive shows challenged Morissette, who observed that maintaining stamina requires taking care of oneself. She had a conversation with her fellow artist, Pia Toscano, who performed challenging renditions of songs like “The Power of Love” and “All By Myself” night after night. This revelation served as an eye-opener for Morissette, emphasizing the discipline and self-care necessary to deliver exceptional performances. However, she acknowledged that despite any exhaustion, the audience’s presence and their decision to spend an evening watching the performance motivate her to be fully present on stage.

Morissette also recognized the unpredictability of opportunities in the industry. She stressed the need to be prepared at all times, as unexpected chances may arise when least expected. Being part of David Foster’s concerts alongside renowned artists like David and Katharine was an unexpected blessing for Morissette. She emphasized her goal of always staying motivated and ready for such opportunities.

Martin and Morissette are set to reunite for two consecutive concerts in the United States in June. With performances scheduled at the Graton Resort Casino in East Bay, California, on June 2, and the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino in Indio, California, on June 3, the artists aim to provide an entertaining and memorable experience for their fans. Morissette expressed her excitement, sharing that the priority is to deliver a fantastic performance and ensure the audience enjoys themselves. She also looks forward to catching up with everyone and sharing updates on her projects and plans for the year.

At 61 years old, Martin finds it heartwarming that there are still people who believe in his talent as a music artist. Their support energizes him and affirms that he is still relevant in the industry. The veteran balladeer believes that despite his extensive experience, there is always more to learn and countless songs yet to be sung. He looks forward to continuing his journey as a performer and making his mark in the world of music.

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