Moira dela Torre’s Camp Prepares Legal Action Against Accuser for Spreading Lies


Moira dela Torre, the renowned singer-songwriter, is considering filing charges against a songwriter who allegedly defamed her through false statements posted on Facebook. Lawyer Joji Villanueva Alonso, who also works as a film and TV producer, took to social media to reveal that she advised her unnamed showbiz client to focus on the more significant issue at hand, which involves taking legal action against the individual spreading lies about her client.

In a Facebook post, Alonso expressed her frustration over a story filled with falsehoods that had been deliberately pinned to discredit and malign her client. While Alonso did not disclose the identity of her client or the person responsible for the defamatory statements, her post was shared by Cornerstone Entertainment vice president Jeff Vadillo. Vadillo, considering dela Torre as a “sister in heart,” shared Alonso’s post to protect both his business interests and dela Torre’s professional integrity, which she had built over years of hard work and talent.

Lolito Go, the songwriter who had previously accused dela Torre of being the oppressor in her marriage with Jason Hernandez, responded to Alonso’s insinuations. In a separate Facebook post, Go stated that being sued did not automatically imply guilt, emphasizing that he was willing to face any legal consequences without being intimidated. He also clarified that his intention in the previous lengthy post was not to discredit dela Torre but to shed light on her songwriting abilities, alleged ghostwriting concerns, and collaborations with Hernandez.

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Addressing Vadillo’s defense of dela Torre, Go urged the company to acknowledge the “red flags” surrounding the Paubaya singer, despite her being Cornerstone’s “cash cow.” He expressed concern for dela Torre’s well-being and believed it was necessary to bring attention to the situation. Go also emphasized that he had refrained from sharing private conversations or releasing evidence to support his claims, acknowledging the inappropriateness and potential illegality of doing so.

Regarding the issue of ghostwriting, Go refrained from sharing receipts and encouraged others to ask dela Torre directly about whether she had requested his services and negotiated prices. He clarified that he never claimed Jason wrote all of Moira’s hits alone but rather highlighted Jason’s talent and ability to create music independently. He questioned who the true opportunist was in this situation and clarified that he did not claim dela Torre never gave proper credit in all instances.

Go concluded his post by suggesting that this might be the final time he addresses the matter. He understood the need to defend dela Torre’s image and brand, considering her importance to the company, but he also urged others not to turn a blind eye to potential red flags.

As of now, neither dela Torre nor Hernandez has released official statements on the matter. has reached out to the involved parties for further comments but has not received a response at the time of writing.

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