Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s Reported Breakup Sparks Speculation


Popular Filipino celebrity couple Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have reportedly ended their relationship, according to Ogie Diaz, Soberano’s former manager. Diaz shared this information in a recent YouTube vlog, mentioning that the breakup seemed to be initiated by Soberano herself, who expressed a desire to focus on her career.

Diaz acknowledged that breakup rumors may have been fueled by Soberano’s previous interviews and public statements, in which she made no mention of Gil. Speculation grew further when Soberano did not extend birthday greetings to Gil on her social media platforms in March.

“It has reached us that Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano have broken up,” Diaz revealed. “I don’t know if they both wanted it, but the information we received was that Liza chose to prioritize her career for now.”

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Diaz added that Gil had been pushing to continue their relationship, hoping that they could work things out. He suggested that Gil would be open to supporting Soberano’s Hollywood aspirations while remaining together.

Moreover, Diaz claimed that Gil was not informed about Soberano’s recent return to the country, which led to her talent management team picking her up at the airport instead.

Expressing his disappointment, Diaz stated, “I hope that the breakup rumors are not true. If there are any gaps or misunderstandings, I hope they can patch things up.” He emphasized that he had witnessed Soberano and Gil’s strong bond and expressed his wish for them to remain friends regardless of the outcome.

“If this is true, I would be one of the saddened individuals because I’m rooting for both of them to end up married. I know how much Quen [Enrique] loves Liza, and vice versa,” Diaz shared, highlighting the affection between the couple.

Soberano and Gil, affectionately known as LizQuen, had been in a relationship since 2014 but only confirmed their status to the public in 2019. Although Gil dismissed breakup rumors in April, neither he nor Soberano has addressed the matter publicly since Diaz’s revelation.

The news of their reported breakup has sparked intense speculation among their loyal fanbase. Social media platforms are abuzz with fans expressing their sadness and hoping that the couple can reconcile. Many supporters have expressed their admiration for Soberano’s dedication to her career but also emphasized the importance of maintaining personal relationships.

As fans eagerly await further updates from Soberano and Gil, it remains to be seen whether the couple will officially confirm their breakup or address the rumors that have captured public attention. Until then, the LizQuen fandom continues to rally behind their beloved celebrities, holding onto the hope that love will prevail and the couple will find their way back to each other.

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