Duterte experienced pain, suddenly stopped while on his way to an event

Presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte suffered from migraine after arriving at his speaking engagement in Ortigas City.

Expected to deliver his speech for the Society of Hypertension and Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society on Thursday afternoon at the Crowne Plaza, Duterte suddenly stopped while on his way to the venue. 

As seen on this video, he leaned on the wall to support himself and looked like he’s in pain. The mayor stayed for a while and walked back to his holding room to rest. 

After taking over the mayor’s speech, his running mate Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano spoke to the reporters. He explained that Duterte  just had a migraine. It is basically because of his hectic campaign schedule, and that he haven’t had enough rest since his proclamation rally in Tondo. 

Cayetano also said that the doctors already advised him to take a complete rest before resuming his engagements.

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