Hear your favorite Disney characters in one incredible Filipina voice!


24-year-old, Angelica “Myka” Cloma, wowed the netizens for her extraordinary talent in imitating voices of Disney characters.

Myka is actually an avid fan of Lea Salonga who played Kim in the musical play “Miss Saigon”, who also sang some of the Disney movies songs. She started using her passion in singing on school plays and eventually became a stage performer doing musical plays until today. 

Being able to copy the voices of our favorite Disney characters like  Snow White, Belle, Little Red Riding Hood, Maleficent, Queen Elsa, and a lot more, Myka took the heart of the Disney fans in and out of the country. 

She just recently played the character of Mulan on one of her projects this month.

Check out the Part 2 of her Disney Voices Impressions.

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Pat M.