How To: Install Ubuntu on Windows 10 with a Virtual Machine for beginners


Step 16: installing Ubuntu Continues

On this window the installation wizard is telling you that the virtual machine will be formatted and it will install Ubuntu in it. Click Continue.

Step 17: installing Ubuntu Continues

After you click Continue. Installation wizard will ask for few things before it begins installing Ubuntu.



Account information.

These are very straight forward phase. Go ahead and fill up all these information and click Next.

Step 18: installing Ubuntu Continues

After setting up your account. Ubuntu will proceed the installation. 

Note: It might take between 30 mins to an hour depending on your PC.

Step 19: Finishing up Ubuntu installation

Once installation is done, Ubuntu will ask you to restart Ubuntu to complete installation.

Step 15: installing Ubuntu Continues

On this installation DO NOT PANIC. You are installing Ubuntu outside your operating system. That is what VirtualBox is for. VirtualBox created a room for your Ubuntu to host and that host right now is empty. Go ahead and choose Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu and click Next.

Step 14: installing Ubuntu Continues

Here You have options to download updates while installing Ubuntu, and install third party drivers and software. I strongly recommend to install these options to avoid future errors. Click Continue.

Step 13: installing Ubuntu Continues

Ubuntu installation will start. On the Welcome window click Install Ubuntu.

Step 12: installing Ubuntu

In this window you will have to click the folder icon above the cancel button, and navigate to your downloaded Ubuntu ISO. And click Start.

Note: if you haven’t downloaded it yet. download it from here.

Step 11: Finished creating virtual hard drive

Congratulations! You have created your own Virtual Machine by yourself! Now here is the Second part, we are now going to install Ubuntu! 

Go ahead and click Start.  

Step 11: creating virtual machine partition continues..

Here you will chose how much space you want to give to your virtual hard drive. If you are planning to use Ubuntu as your every day computing system giving it more than the recommended size. But you are just gonna play or try Ubuntu leave the default option. Click Next.

Step 10: creating virtual machine partition continues..

Choosing your hard disk on your physical storage file. In this installation window you have an option to choose between Dynamic or fixed storage. 

The difference between the two is how virtual hard drive restrict the storage to specific amount of your PC. In this tutorial I will be choosing  Dynamic Storage  so that I don’t have to worry about doing partitioning. Click Next.

Step 8: creating virtual machine partition continues..

Once you setup your RAM for your virtual machine, it’s now time to create a hard drive for it. The default option is Create a virtual machine now. I recommend keep it that way and click create.

Step 9: creating virtual machine partition continues..

Now you have to choose which type of hard disk you want for your virtual machine. Keep it as the default if you are not planning of transferring your virtual machine to any other virtual machine applications. click Next

Step 7: creating virtual machine partition continues..

After naming your virtual machine, you will be asked how much memory you are dedicating for your virtual machine. I recommend at least 1GB (1024MB) or higher to run Ubuntu faster and less lag.

Note: Never go beyond half of your RAM memory for it only needs 1-2 GB for it to run smoothly.

Step 6: Creating a Virtual Machine partition

This is where the process gets a little bit confusing, but don’t worry as long as you follow these steps you won’t get lost. Ok click on New button to create a new partition. Fill up the following instructions:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Versoin

and click Next

Step 5: Finishing up installation

Wait for the installation to complete. And once its done relaunch VirtualBox.

Step 4: Installation continues..

After clicking Install  the installation wizard will proceed installing VirtualBox. It is recommended to install the prompted USB Driver , but not required.

Step 3: Installation Continues..

Once you click Next  it will ask you to proceed to installation. Click Install.

Note: Your windows system might ask for account privileges to continue installing. click yes. 

Step 2 : Installing VirtualBox

Open the downloaded .exe files. You will be greeted with a welcome message keep clicking Next until you get to the warning window. Do not worry it is just telling you that installing the software includes turning off your wifi for few seconds and will turn it back on. Click Yes.

Step 1: Downloading VirtualBox

Download VirtualBox or any virtual machine you like, if you haven’t downloaded it yet. If you are not using VirtualBox you can skip to step 6.


Ubuntu has been improving for the past several years, and becoming more and more known to people specially IT people. Ubuntu has emerged to the public and extending their grasp in mobile market. In this tutorial you will be able to install VirtualBox, setup your own Virtual Machine and install Ubuntu.

Goal: To install Ubuntu on windows with a virtual machine of your choice.


Note: There are two options for Ubuntu system 32bit and 64bit. Make sure  you download the system that matches to your windows system.

Make sure you have all these 3 prerequisite prior to doing this tutorial and backup your system or make a restoration point.

Step 20: Congratulations!!

You have completed and installed Ubuntu on your windows PC!! Now enjoy your new Ubuntu System. There are still things you need to after installing Ubuntu.

I recommend checking this website for all the things you need to do after installing Ubuntu on your Virtual Machine.

Thank you for staying in this tutorial for the whole process! If you have any question you can write it down in the comment section.

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