AgriNow: Care to know about Philippine agriculture?


Conversing agriculture is one of the trends in social media and even during coffee talks. A recent article written by Rey Gamboa entitled Saving Philippine agriculture had generated various reactions from readers which are also enticed to know and care about the agriculture sector of the Philippines.

Primarily, Mr. Gamboa discussed in his article the ongoing issues in agriculture sector why development backlogs despite of constant research and development, and even various supports from the private and public sectors.

Most of the farmlands in the Philippines are mostly less than a hectare which hinders the adaptation of modern technologies that will result to a less profitable production. Respectively, the importation of cheaper agriculture produce contributes to lessen the revenues of small farmers. These two attributes influence the decreasing share of agriculture sector to the gross domestic product of the country.

The article also emphasized various solutions to address the impediments. To increase land areas of small farmers in view to improve productivity, agricultural roadmaps should be implemented. Secondly, to provide techniques and technologies to agriculture sector that will increase the yielding of farmers. These are non-collateral loans, extension services, equipments, and more importantly, policies to protect small farmers and domestic produce against importations.

Lastly, Gamboa recommended to empower farmers. People behind the abundance of our table, are the ones who are the poorest among the poor. Unfortunately, they are the ones who cultivate food but do not have something to eat. Philippine-farmers should learn how to become not just producers but also entrepreneurs to increase value addition.

The artice of Gamboa received a lot of reactions (Readers react on urgent call to save agriculture). One of the readers pointed out that today’s youth does not consider agri related or careers in rural area.

In addition, a reader also highlighted the increasing land conversion of agricultural land to commercial land which weakens agriculture sector as well.

There are also opinions which suggested to propose digital platforms or develop applications to increase market information regarding agriculture.

If you are interested to share your thoughts regarding Philippine-agriculture, just use the #AgriNow to contribute about the discussion about the current situation of the agriculture sector.



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