Bridging sustainability through upcycling

Artwork of Dermie Joey Paspie [Photo credit: Sunstar Davao]

Transforming trash into art had bridged the ongoing concern of solid waste management. Dermie Joey Paspie promotes ‘upcycling’ , where waste products are being improved.

According to Paspie,  “upcycling is a way to show youth that  better environment can be attain through creativity and resourcefulness.”

Paspie showcased transformation of waste products to valuable products through enhancing creativity on recycled things. His life-size works are exhibited at Mati City Park and Baywalk last September.

Apart from promoting and enhancing art, utilizing such given talent is his way to conserve the planet. His initiative induce awareness in the environment.

Despite of the misery he experienced in life, arts and music saved him. Fortunately, the Government of Mati under the Barangay Integration for Development and Action (Bida) program hired him to become the upcycling artist of Mati.

The upcycling artist advocates to create unique artworks  such as three-dimensional  pieces that people can recognize even these came from junks.

Source: Upcycling, a green initiative


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