Look for The Right WordPress Theme That Works Perfectly with Instagram!

Are you looking for the right WordPress theme that works the best with Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform that has been making waves ever since its launch a few years back. You can effectively use this popular social media platform for your business as well by sharing pictures of your products to your targeted audience. Instagram is simple for you to use and if you are not registered on this platform, you are losing out to over 800 million monthly users who are in search for service providers like you. Instagram is a mobile application that can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphone. Combined with your WordPress site, it can bring you better-targeted traffic and lead conversions in no time. This can be done by choosing a good WordPress theme that supports Instagram.

Searching for a suitable WordPress Theme for Instagram

Are you looking for the right WordPress theme that works the best with Instagram? If you scan the online market today, you will find a host of WordPress themes promising to provide your website with the layout and functionality to get the competitive edge in the market. However, before jumping and giving in to those claims, it is prudent for you to know what a good WordPress theme needs to have to make Instagram successful?

What should you look for in a WordPress theme for Instagram?

Given below are the traits you should look for in a WordPress theme for Instagram-

  1. The theme should re-post to Instagram – Now when you upload pictures on your website and want your Instagram followers to check them out too, you need to upload these photographs to Instagram manually. However, there are WordPress themes that directly re-post every photo you place on your site. There are some Plugins like Instagram Auto Poster that helps you to schedule and publish all your posts automatically to your Instagram profile. With the help of these plugins and themes, you can promote your blog posts successfully. When you are looking for a theme, always check to see if the current theme supports these plugins or not.
  2. Photo Gallery- If you are using Instagram as your primary marketing channel, you should have an excellent photo gallery that showcases beautiful and appealing photos of your site to Instagram. Look for a unique theme that supports such a photo gallery to help you to showcase the images of your business to your targeted audience effectively. At least, you should look for a theme that allows you to showcase images in the form of carousels and image sliders. If you have bought a theme that does not support a photo gallery, you can install Instagram Feed that is a plugin to help you get an excellent gallery for your site.
  3. Search for Instagram Widgets- If you have already had an Instagram theme that supports Instagram feeds, you do not have to look for them. In case, you don’t some WordPress themes support widgets for Instagram that allow you to add Instagram Feeds to the sidebar or the footer of your website. One such theme is High fill WordPress that supports Instagram widgets for feeds in the footer and sidebar. All WordPress themes do not have widgets for Instagram Feeds so before purchasing any theme, check to see if it has this widget.
  4. The layout should be clean to highlight your photos– Instagram is a visual platform that attracts your targeted audience. However, when you have photos displayed uniquely, you effectively can convey visitors into loyal customers. There are service providers like https://gramblast.com that help you to increase likes and comments for your Instagram page. Management of your social profile becomes simpler. As mentioned above, Instagram should be inviting to the visitor, and this is where a clean and minimalist layout helps you to attract visitors more to your business photos. The Daze WordPress theme is an example of the above as it highlights the images of your company better. This theme sports an Instagram Feed and widgets besides giving you a layout that is minimalist in looks. Your website content reaches out better to the targeted audience via this theme. This theme helps you to optimize your photos so opting for it is a smart choice.
  5. Page Builder Support-Visual Composer, is a page builder that helps you get different sections on your site. In this way, you can attract your customers to particular parts of your website. For instance, you can have individual sections devoted to photo tours, photo galleries, portfolios, etc. You can make your site better by combining Visual Composer with a plugin like Instagram Photo & Video Gallery that supports this Page Builder and gives you more than four types of galleries and seven templates that have been pre-designed for your needs. However, some WordPress themes come with the Visual Composer so you can opt for them if you wish to. If you choose such themes, you do not have to buy a plugin for a visual composer separately.
  6. Opt for a WordPress Plugin-If you already have a theme that you like and do not want to spend on another one, and you can install a WordPress plugin for the integration of Instagram in your website. You can opt for a plugin like the Instagram Journal to help you integrate Instagram easily into your WordPress site and showcase your account feed, hashtag feeds, photos on Instagram and more. This can be done with the help of galleries, carousels, collages, etc. This will be an affordable way to get Instagram to work for you and have your old theme for WordPress in place too.

Therefore, the above are some of the dominant traits that you must look into when you are searching for a WordPress theme for your site. Using Instagram and integrating it with your WordPress site is a great way to grab attention and the competitive edge in the market. You can conduct several marketing contests with success using them. Take time and research well so that the WordPress theme you choose integrates well with Instagram to attract a better-targeted audience and bring you greater business success!

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