Product innovation: Durian turned to wine

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Value addition is the optimal solution for agricultural commodities in order to increase net profit. Such abundance of harvest, Arnold B.Llanes turned tons of Durian as his opportunity for innovation.

Durian was known for a strong-tasting fruit with an awful smell that is commonly found in Davao City. Durian has been processed as candy, icecream, flavored coffee and cakes.

Llanes observed that surplus of Durian (Php20 per kilo) will be thrown away once the consumers became satiated. Consequently, he experimented to ferment Durian to turn it into a ‘premium wine’.

The entrepreneur succeeded and currently working on establishing his own winery in Davao City. Llanes stated that” Durian wine smells like Durian but tastes similarly of wine. ” He added that ” 750 mililiter can be produced from only one kilo of Durian .”

Durian wine can be purchased at Ayala Abreeza Mall in Davao City, for only Php480.


Premium wine made of Durian







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