Philippine museum goes virtual reality

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Ayala Museum partnered with I AM CARDBOARD, high quality 360 degrees-content provider for businesses, in order to attract young people and adults to engage in museum experiences.

The stories of Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio have involved people through its virtual reality technology, allowing them to shape Philippines as nation.

Ayala Museum director , Mariles Gustilo,  strategized to develop the understanding of Philippine-historical events through the application of virtual reality. Nowadays, people prefers to be pervaded by various digital graphics to understand contents.

Medium of appreciating arts, culture,and history will also adapt on the changing demands in technological advancements. Last year, the museum involved smartphone encounters in various diorama.

According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) interview with Gustilo, “putting your smartphones, will enable you  see flying cedula during the Cry in Balintawak.” Creating such project will take six months to a year.

“With virtual reality, stories are not only conveyed more clearly but to stir up critical insights”,  I AM CARDBOARD general manager Emil Mananquil said.

Upgrading such graphics will effectively engage youth to understand and learn the subjects in the museum. Respectively, future museums in the Philippines will eventually consider this kind of technology.

Gustilo explained that she constantly finds way in attracting people especially, the youth to go to museums.  Most of the youth today, intends to go to museum to have their Insta-worthy photos.

But no matter what the reason behind the intention of going to the museum, making art,culture, and history as part of individuals’ lives is more important.

Source: Virtual Reality: The future of Philippine museums

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