5 Terrible Practices That Slow Down Your Hiring Process – And How to Fix It

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We all know the power of a positive first impression. When it comes to hiring, first impressions of the staff, the office and – most of all – the recruitment process will shape candidates’ opinions about the company for the years to come.

An average hiring process now takes up to 43 days, but for many companies it drags even further which often has a number of negative consequences for the firm. It depreciates morale of your team, wastes company resources, leaves the candidates anxious and can eventually push them towards taking a similar job with your competitors.

Today, we set out to investigate five practices that have impact on hiring process and significantly slow it down to your disadvantage. Read on to learn what they are and find fail-proof ways to fix them.

1. Over-complicated verification process

From employer’s perspective, you may want to verify the skills of prospective candidates on multiple levels. That’s why it is a common practice to set up an initial interview with HR, then a skill-based test and finally an interview with a hiring manager. All those recruitment stages take time and may drive the best candidates away only because your competition managed to close the deal faster, basing it on an interview and a quick reference check.

If you currently have a multilayer hiring process, try to make a thorough background check as soon as you receive new applications.

2. Inadequate job description

Effective hiring process is dependent on a well-defined job description. If it is too broad or lacks details concerning expected skills, certificates or work experience you will most probably get a huge number of applications which, to be honest, will not exactly hit all marks. Your HR team will need weeks to go through all of them and select the right candidates.

In order to fix this issue the best thing you can do is to create detailed job descriptions outlining the profile of your perfect candidate and post them on job boards. That way, you might get fewer applications, but the ones you receive will be worth looking into.

3. Limited availability

Have you ever had any issues with scheduling appointments with hiring managers? Do remember that all your employees are very busy, but it should not slow down your search for great candidates. Meet with your hiring managers and stress the importance of their availability and full commitment to the search for new talent. Switch to using online scheduling assistant to collect availability of hiring managers and have the HR team forward it to prospective employees so that they can pick the most suitable interview time for them. You can also utlizie alternative options, such as phone or remote video interviews.

4. Lack of professional preparation

Hiring managers should always come prepared for the interview – they should get familiar with candidate’s resume, write down basic interview questions and be on time as it conveys consideration and respect. Remind your hiring staff to be transparent about work conditions and ethics. During the interview it is also encouraged to go through available benefit packages, as managers have the responsibility to advertise the company so that the candidates feel it is a great place to work.

5. Complex chain of command

Decision-making is the last step of hiring process. Sometimes the documents get stuck between HR and executive team, other times hiring managers take up too long to make up their mind. It may also happen that the managers may have to get a long list of approvals before they can sign off on a candidate. Either way, you may want to organize and speed up the decision-making process as it should take no longer than five working days.

There is no denying that looking for a perfect candidate can – and should – take some time, but be careful not to prolong it for too long, as you may lose top talent and valuable company assets.

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