Ifugao lawmaker clamors for agriculture development from the government


Ifugao lawmaker,  Teodoro Baguilat Jr. clamored that the government should develop agricultural investments and adaptations which mitigate climate change in order to address adverse effects of natural distasters that crippled the agriculture sector.

The increased frequency of typhoons is attributed to the worsening climate change that resulted to damage crops in Northern Luzon. Consequently, decreased of agricultural production slow down the growth of gross production and also contributed to the soaring inflation.

As cited in the report of Dumlao at Philstar, Bagulat said that “no real economic growth is possible if sustainable development goals are not equally observed. What sense is profit if people and the planet are left behind?"

Agricultural investments such as irrigation and watershed protection should be provided, given that the Philippines is vulnerable to climate change. Direct effects of climate change are manifested by more frequent an stronger typhoons, and severe and longer droughts. Thus, according to Baguilat, Department of Agriculture should prioritize agricultural investments especially climate change adaptations that will increase production.

“We should prioritize food security and protect the land that we already have. As it is, we are already hard pressed to produce enough food to feed our growing population. We cannot afford to reduce that even further," Baguilat added. 

More importantly, in the midst of climate change, food security is being threaten. However, these farmers also faced reduction of farm lands. Baguilat also fight to pass  various acts he wrote: National Land Use Act ,and the Indigenous Communities Conservation Areas act to ensure the safety of prime agricultural land that will be use to cultivate more products.


Government urged to hike funding for agriculture, climate adaptation 

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