A leap of change: buy Christmas items from MSMEs and social enterprises


There are only a few days left before Christmas. Everyone is enthusiastic to buy various presents for their loved ones this season.

Let us share our abundance through purchasing items from our local Medium, Small, and Micro-Enterprises (MSMEs), and different social enterprises in the Philippines.

Most of the products are locally made by woman and mother entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers,inmates, and Indigenous People.

Buying from these enterprises would not only make your loved ones happy but also you have sent some of your greatness to these ordinary people that will make their Christmas even merrier.

Attaining gift products from social enterprises will also empower their beneficiaries, as you help in contributing to their different social missions.

Respectively, let us use eco-friendly gift wraps or you can make a Do-It-Yourself wraps to lessen solid wastes. Let us also help campaigns which promote to conserve our surroundings. Here are some ideas to helps us:

Doing such wraps would not only save our planet but also we made our gifts extra special by putting our own efforts in making our own Christmas wrappers.

If you are interested to buy from MSMES, here are the following lists:

Link to Go Lokal (DTI): Go lokal (DTI)

For social enterprises, you can see it here:

If you think that this idea is great, do not hesitate to share. Have a Merry Christmas!


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