Plants that can help to combat climate change in the Philippines

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Seagrasses and bamboo are sequesters of carbon dioxide, according to studies. These plants are significant in reducing damages attributed by climate change.

How does these plants save us from the ongoing climate change?


The Philippines is the second country which has the highest number of species of seagrasses, next to Western Australia.

A blue carbon study was conducted in various places in the Philippines to determine the volume of carbon being captured by the living organisms in the oceans and coastal ecosystem.


As cited in the report of Tacio in Edge Davao,in Batangas, 50-hectare seagrass meadows can capture 97 megagrams of carbon dioxide equivalent to the annual emission of 20 cars.

Despite the numerous seagrasses in the country, similar to mangroves and coral reefs which also mitigates carbon, species of seagrasses are in being threatened by human activities. These activities are heavy dredging from construction works, grounding of vessels and motorized boats, release of chemical-filled effluents from human activities, and overfishing.


“Bamboo plants store carbon at a fast rate, and bamboo products can effectively ‘displace’ more emissions-intensive materials such as cement, steel and plastic,”Hans Friederich of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) reported.

He suggests that  high carbon storage rates of bamboo (bamboo can store 200 to 400 tons of carbon per hectare per year),countries should integrate bamboo as a tool in combating climate change.

In the Philippines, bamboo has a vital role in agriculture  and manufacturing. Unfortunately, similar to other agricultural industries, despite of its contribution to the economy, its development is not supported. The industry is poor in the development of technical knowledge.

Seagrasses and bamboo are not only significant in contributing economic value. More importantly, it saves humanity from the worsening effects of climate change.



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