Bill urging Youth to pursue Agri Careers


Agricultural Manpower Education and Entrepreneurship System (AMEES) is needed to urge students especially, today’s youth in pursuing agriculture careers. Deputy Speaker and AAMBIS-OWA partylist Rep.  Sharon Garin pushed bill to strengthen country’s education and training on agriculture through encouraging youth to engage careers related to agriculture.

Objective of the law

According to Garin, pushing this bill would change people’s mindset on agriculture, as an opportunity and prosperity instead of poverty and underprivileged status.

Moreover, the bill also promotes “agri-preneurs” (entrepreneurs in agriculture).

Under House Bill 3354 or the proposed Entrepreneurial Agricultural Education Act , application of manpower development for agricultural entrepreneurship in agricultural, technical, and vocational education and training, starting at the post-secondary level is being encouraged.

Bill’s effort in encouraging youth to pursue agri

To heighten the interest of youth, AMEES Development School or Farm Business School, deemed to be establish per administrative region.

Doing so, will  achieve bill’s objective, promoting entrepreneurship on agriculture sector.

“A ladderized system of agricultural entrepreneurship education in the post-secondary level shall be established in both public and private educational institutions or training centers, following the completion of the Rural Farm School curriculum as provided in Republic 10618 of the Rural Farm School Act of 2013,” Garin said. 

More importantly, public, private, and voluntary sectors’ partnership is significant in providing on-the-job opportunities for students.

Cited in the report of Atienza in Manila Bulletin, House Bill 3354 tasks the Career Management and Development Division (CMDD) of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) of the Department of Agriculture to plan, set standards, coordinate, monitor, and allocate resources in the implementation of the provisions of the proposed Act.


Lawmaker pushes bill urging youth to pursue agri careers

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