AgriNow: New Agri Tourism Farms in Davao


Increasing agri tourism farms in Davao enables to promote economic development through agriculture.  Department of Tourism-XI have developed in promoting agri tourism to engage youth in agriculture.

Various farms in Davao have unique techniques in cultivating crops to maintain high-quality produce. Respectively, farm tours in Davao does not only exhibit farm operations but also farm’s processed products. More importantly, farm experiences are offered to guests to appreciate sustainable agriculture.

Agri Tourism Farms in Davao

1. Huni Farm

If you are looking for organic-grown crops, Huni Farm is what you are looking for. Located at Brgy. Wangan, Calinan Davao City, Huni Farm cultivates organic produce that are served in their buffet table. It is just an hour and 45 minutes away from the heart of city. The farm also caters occasion celebration for an affordable prices.

Crops in Huni Farm (Photo credit from Huni Farm)

Moreover, farm tour will help you appreciate farm-to-table experiences for as low as Php 150.  To give you more experiences in Huni Farm, you may read: Treat Yourself To This All-Natural, Healthy, and Delicious Buffet at Davao’s Huni Farm

For inquiries and concerns, you may visit their Facebook page Huni Farm

2. AMCG Farm

Apart from growing organics, Davao City also have agri tourism farms which grow crops using modern technologies. AMCG Farm in Mulig, Toril produces crops through hydroponics, drip irrigation system and greenhouses. Hydropronics is a method in growing plants with water solvent in the absence of soil.  These practices address the concern of food security in the midst of climate change.

The farm is known for producing honeydew melon and various varieties of lettuce. To heighten your interest, you may view this video:AMCG Farm Video. You can also read farm experiences in AMCG, How Did this Farm In Davao Produce and Earn More? They Brought In Technology!

Apart from being a farm, AMCG aims to be a farm resort. At present, the farm is constructing accommodation and function hall that will entertain more guests.

Pool in AMCG (Photo credit from Alex Gamutan)


3. LAO Integrated Farm

Aside from Davao City, Davao del Sur also has agri tourism farm that showcases high-quality organic crops.

One of the organic advocates, Benjamin Lao established LAO (Life’s Amazing Organics) Integrated Farm in Brgy. Eman in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. During the farm tour, guests can witnessed not just the greens but also how livestock grow organically.

Chicken condominium of LAO (Photo credit from Agrinationph)

More interestingly, farm obtains processed products that maintain healthy lifestyle. Besides, purchasing these products does not only make you healthier but also help the farmers.

Products of LAO (Photo credit from AgrinationPH)

If you are already curious about the place, you may read: Pick Organic: A Scenic Tour Through Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Finally, if you wish to get in touch with them, you can visit  LAO Integrated farms

Accordingly, all these farms are only one of the agri tourism farms in Davao. These are new agri tourism farms that encourage the public to indulge to farm experiences in order to see opportunities in agriculture.


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