Senior High Students Exhibited Fashion Items Made from Coconut Coir

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( Photo credit from Philstar)
( Photo credit from Philstar)

Among 19 other start-up companies from 13 different countries, Grade 12 students of St. Scholastica’s College received the top award during the Asia-Pacific Junior Achievement (JA) Company of the Year competition. The students won in exhibiting coconut coir as a potential fashion items.

Further,  the group leader, Alaina Tria, said that the waste of coconut husk outside the school premises in Manila can be turned into opportunity. Thus,  Alaina , together with her team namely, Porsha Mangilit, 18; Raphaella Mae Sanchez, 18 and Gwen Maurie Villaver, 17 formed Terra Philippines, which made stylish bags out of coconut coir.

Apart from their waste concerns in coconut husk, the group would like to address sustainable fashion and food waste at the same time.

“The fibrous material  of the coconut coir or coco coir is attained from coconut hull, which is found between the outer husk and the actual coconut”, report stated.

As cited in the report from Philstar, Tria imparted that they aimed to incorporate their product into the fashion in the Philippines industry particularly in bags.

Through research, their team identified that coco coir is the second underdeveloped textile here in the Philippines.

Given with all of the opportunities from coco coir, their team wanted to showcase the possible wide range of products that can be made from the said raw material.

Report emphasized that “coir is often sourced for the production of upholstery stuffing, plant basket liners, doormats, brushes, ropes and rugs, among others”.

All about Terra

According to the report, “Terra designed the bags on its own and sent it to local firm Kimbel International for manufacturing.

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Terra obtain their Isla, their first product line, which consists of bags that are made of coconut coir and recycled textile sourced Pilipinas Ecofiber.

Mangilit, Terra Philippines corporate secretary said that “We wanted to have a modern vibe and at the same time still imbibe Philippine culture”.

Respectively, Terra started its business with 130 bags that cost Php 1,000.

“Despite of the small beginnings, we are now having heavy queue from our manufacturers”,EVP for human resources at Terra Philippines.


Senior high students transform coco coir into fashion items

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