Sweden to Hire Filipino Workers

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Based on Manila Bulletin report, Swedish businessmen eyes Filipino workers such as software engineers and health care workers to address their ongoing shortage in coastal Scandinavian nation

The unique advantage, as compared to some of its neighbors in Southeast Asia, and even India, was identified by Swedish businessmen and entrepreneurs to hire Filipino workers.

As cited in the report, “top Swedish diplomat said in a recent sit-down interview with a select group of journalists that there’s a huge lack of software engineers in Sweden. They say there’s a shortage of 30,000 software engineers so they either come here and establish business and recruit and do their software development here. Some are looking at recruiting from here and bring them to Sweden”.

Moreover, the Swedish diplomat also said that “many young and well-educated Filipino who know English and can easily work in Swedish companies”.

Potential  software engineer does not need to know Swedish, work is being done through English communication. Young workers can easily be employed if they wanted to come or even work in Sweden.

Fries, who was first resided in Manila shortly after the EDSA revolution, was impressed how IT sector of the Philippines had thrived for the last decades. Fifty percent of the labor force of the BPO’s is composed by workers under 25 years old.

Respectively, Sweden will also poised in employing nurses and caregivers.


Sweden eyes to hire Pinoy software engineers, health care workers


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