Top 5 Ideas to Celebrate Bonfire Birthday Party in Philippines

Read here top 5 ideas to celebrate birthday party with bonfire in Philippines.

There are varieties of rituals around the whole world for celebrating different occasions. One such occasion is birthday celebration and one such unique tradition is what you get in Philippines. The most charming way of celebrating birthday parties in Philippines style is to celebrate it with a bonfire.

Here are top 5 ideas to celebrate birthday party with bonfire in Philippines.

1) Best Bonfire Birthday Party Location

Bonfire is a way that needs an open place. SO, before throwing a bonfire party, it is very important to choose the right place for party. A bonfire works like a magic when it is organized in the front lawn or at the back porch of your house. As there will be fire to be lighted, it is important to have a cleaner place. Choose the bonfire party ground according to the list of the invited guests. As people have to sit around the fire and enjoy, it needs space according to the number of people invited.

2) The Fire

The fire is the primary part of bonfire party that completes the essence of the party. All you need is a space in which you can gather some tree logs and arrange them. Make sure there are spaces around the fire where you can make your guests sit. Then light the fire and sit encircling it. Then carry on with your plan of celebration. As it is the birthday party, you can celebrate by cutting the cake and then chatting with each other. You can also arrange for musical sessions. An Antakshari or a Dumb’s Words can elevate the mood of the birthday party. DO not forget to order cake from cake delivery to philippines online giftportal.

3) Arrangement of Food and Beverages

When you are throwing a party, there has to be arrangements of food and beverage. As it is an outdoor party, you can arrange for delicious snacks like the meatballs, the kebabs, the sausages etc. This can be great as served when you are in the middle of the planned program. If you are planning for a low profile cozy bonfire birthday party with closest ones, you can arrange for different flavors of popcorns and cold drinks as well. Arrangement for the solid food, dinner in brief with something spicy and sour will rock the party. It is important to arrange for at least four side dishes so that everyone can have food according to their choice.

4) Decorating Outdoors

Decoration is a very important part of parties. It provides the outlook of the party the final and finishing touch. As a bonfire birthday party is an outdoor party, there is nothing much to decorate the lawn. You can bring up rice townies with multiple colors and hang them from the tree branches. You can also use balloons for the decoration of the party. Such a decoration can make the birthday party enjoyable for everyone who is invited.

5) Bonfire Party Fun Ideas

You can have amazing interesting bonfire ideas for celebrating birthdays in Philippines style. Dividing the invited guests into two groups and playing dumb’s words or Antakshari will be great. Sometimes, with music, couple dance will also be very much fun. Passing the ball can enhance the fun of the party. You can also send birthday gifts to philippines and surprise someone whose birthday bonfire party you are about to miss. Such an unexpected gift will make the birthday person the happiest.

Birthdays are always the most remarkable days of everyone’s life. And we deserve to celebrate it in the perfect manner. Above are the best ways of celebrating birthday in a unique Philippine bonfire style.

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