Filipino Women are Practical Borrowers


A study conducted by Robocash,International financial group ,found out that Filipino women are practical borrowers.

As cited in the report of Philstar, the said study was carried out in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. The study aimed to determine the relationship between terms of loans and gender.

Significantly, study identified that 70% of the Filipino women are more likely to settle liabilities within a five to 15-day period, making them practical borrowers.

Since the geography of the country is archipelagic, it is expected that Filipinos have low accessibility to banks. Yet Filipino women manifested being responsible in their own financial needs at their own terms.

On the other, report mentioned that 68% of the Filipino women opt to use the money for internet for shopping,earnings and other financial transactions.

Moreover, results have shown that Filipinos obtain the highest internet reach with 76 million active users.

Male borrowers in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia are more likely to pay their loans within 22-30 days.

We Are Social, social network research, reported that majority of the internet users were involved in e-commerce platforms (57% of the 76 million active users in the Philippines).

However, in India only 41% of its 1.339 billion population was identified as active in the internet. Only,319. 2 million or 23% of their population is engaged in mobile banking.

Filipinas are ‘pragmatic’ borrowers, int’l financial group says

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