Philippine Tourist Arrivals Increased by 7.59% in Q1 2019

tourist arrivals in the Philippines
(Photo from Business Inquirer)
tourist arrivals in the Philippines
(Photo from Business Inquirer)

Department of Tourism(DOT) revealed that Philippine tourism is on the right track, as Philippines obtained more tourist arrivals by 7.59 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

As cited in the report from Philippine News Agency, “around 2,204,564 foreign visitors arrived in the country from January to March 2019, reflecting a 7.59 percent rise from 2,049,094 over the same period last year.”

Accordingly, South Korea is the topmost source market with 519,584. Their arrivals up by 8.90 percent from last year’s record of 477,087.

Other countries such as China ranked second with 463,804 tourist arrivals while U.S.A is on the third spot with 293,780 visitors,followed by Japan, 177,769; Taiwan, 77,908; Australia, 73,147; Canada, 72,352; United Kingdom, 53,402; Singapore, 39,484; Malaysia, 37,651; India, 36,275; and Germany, 33,725.

More significantly, report mentioned that “Taiwanese visitors posted the highest percentage increase which grew to 77,908 from 59,877 in 2018 or 30.11 percent higher than last year.”

Actions in Increasing the Tourist Arrivals in the Philippines

DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo Puyat stated in the report that ” DOT is working on enhancing our tourism products and tourism infrastructure to entice tourists to choose the Philippines as their next destination.”

He also signified that the increased tourist arrivals is attributedĀ  from the rehabilitation carried out in Boracay Island. Based on the report, “the island touted as a model of sustainable tourism development, as it continues to attract tourists since its reopening in October last year.”

DOT is also improving on the connectivity to encourage more tourists arrivals in the Philippines.

She also mentioned in her recent speech that “DOT remains committed with its objective to establish the Philippines as a “quality destination” in the region. For that, we need to be able to prioritize the following: adequate infrastructure, ease in travel facilitation, safety and security and developed tourism areas. To ensure that we get these done, the DOT is implementing a convergence approach where the Department works in partnership with other national government agencies.”


PH tourist arrivals up by 7.59% in Q1 2019

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