Filipinos are one of the Most Frugal Travelers in the World

Filipinos among most frugal travelers in the world
(Photo credit from Philstar)
Filipinos among most frugal travelers in the world
(Photo credit from Philstar)

E-commerce firm survey revealed that Filipinos are one of the most frugal travelers in the world. Most Filipinos would prefer traveling on their own than depending on travel agencies.

Based on the report from Philstar, Picodi, the e-commerce firm, found out that Filipinos only budget an average of P13,171 ($252) per person on a holiday among 20,000 respondents.  This had attributed to the 39th spot bagged by the Philippines out of 41 countries.

Moreover, 97% of the Filipino respondents said that they book their tickets and accommodation ahead of time. Respectively, only 10% of the respondents depend on travel agencies in organizing their trips.

Other countries which were considered as thriftiest travelers were: Indonesia spending $207 ;Pakistan spending $191. On the other, report stated that “Australians spend the most money on holidays at $1,505 per person”.

Picodi carried-out the survey from April-May 2019.

Reasons why Filipinos are one of the most frugal travelers in the world

As cited in the report from Philstar, “Picodi said that the main reasons for self-organized trips pointed out by Filipinos were the cheaper price (50%) and the ability to match everything according to preferences (48%). Those who travel with agencies mention that it saves time (52%) and is more comfortable (32%).”

Further, survey revealed that Filipinos were more likely to travel within the country than going abroad.

“Manila, Batangas and Cebu are the top destinations of those who prefer the Philippine landscape”, report mentioned.

Also, Japan, Taiwan, the US, Singapore and South Korea are the most common countries that Filipino travelers would like to visit.

Survey results also showed that 42% of the Filipinos travel during off-season because of cheaper rates. Filipinos most likely travelling with their family (57%) while 24% with their partner,12% with their friends, and 7% would like travelling alone.


Filipino travelers among the most frugal in the world, according to a new report

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