Farmers Benefit from Cattle Upgrading Assistance Project

cattle upgrading assistance
(Photo from Philippine Information Agency)
cattle upgrading assistance
(Photo from Philippine Information Agency)

According to the report obtained from Philippine Information Agency (PIA), there were 111 farmers that were given benefits through the Cattle Upgrading Assistance Project (CUAP) of the Provincial Veterinarian Office.

The said project aims to improve the cattle population of the province.

Provincial veterinarian Marcelino Delson, Jr mentioned that raising cattle is a good source of livelihood. However, farmers who want to become entrepreneurs are having difficulty in acquiring capital and grazing areas.

“Each of the farmer was given two heifers, one to be paid in kind or the first offspring and the other one in the form of loan with 12 per cent interest per calving,‚ÄĚprovincial veterinarian reported.

Further, Gov. Junie Cua commended the Provincial Veterinarian for its initiative in improving the livelihoods of farmers through Cattle Upgrading Assistance Project. The said office also provide additional sources of income for farmers apart from planting grains.

Cua advises the members and leaders of the cattle association to extend their memberships. Through this, they are able to produce more cattle that can sustain their growing families.

As cited in the report from PIA, “200 heads were dispersed where 26 of them gave birth while 25 are pregnant. The PVET office is again ready to disperse some 13 heifers to qualified beneficiaries.”

“The beneficiary should be at least 15 years old permanent resident of the province, with good moral character, must have at least one carabao or cattle and must be willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the project,” report added.

For more details about the Cattle Upgrading Project, you can visit their office at Capitol Hills, Cabarroguis.

More about the Cattle Industry in the Philippines

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that there are 2.54 million heads of cattle in the country, as of January 1, 2019. Cows recorded 1.10 million heads (43.4 percent) and 56.6 percent were contributed by heifer, yearling, bulls, and others.


Over 100 farmers benefit from Cattle Upgrading Assistance Project

Cattle Situation Report, January-March 2019

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