US to Provide Agronomic Education for Farmers


The US agricultural firm will establish farm schools in the Philippines to improve access to agronomic education where they can train rice and corn planters.

Corteva Agriscience signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Agriculture. The global company intends to set up an educational farm (EduFarm) for corn and rice farmers.

“The company said the collaboration would focus on three projects: Rice EduFarm, Corn EduFarm and Fall Armyworm Mitigation,”report from Business Mirror said.

Agronomic education will shape the future of agriculture.

“The project aims to improve Filipino farmers’ rice and corn productivity and profitability through access to agronomic education, as well as new seed and crop protection technologies, Corteva Agriscience said,

In line with this initiative, season-long, on-field and in-classroom training will be provided to the farmers.

The agronomic education includes topics such as wide range of issues—land and seed preparation, farm mechanization, planting density, weed control nutrient management, insect and disease control, harvesting and processing, marketing and financial management.

The company seeks to focus in enabling smallholder farmers to produce more in order to obtain more food on every table.

Apart from providing agronomic education, the company would like to giving access to seed and crop protection technologies.

“Moreover, the company wants to train Filipino farmers in order to help them flourish and better contribute to the success of [their] nation’s economy,” Farra Siregar, managing director at Corteva Agriscience for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said.

Corteva is an agriculture division of DowDuPont before. At present, it followed the completion of the merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical in 2017.


US firm to help Pinoy rice, corn farmers hike output


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