Angel Locsin Among Forbes Asia’s 2019 Heroes of Philanthropy

angel locsin

Angel Locsin, one of the most famous actress in the Philippines, was recognized to the Asia’s 2019 Heroes of Philanthropy of Forbes.

The said actress was known for helping to various charity and continues to advocate for social change.

Forbes mentioned that Angel Locsin supports victims of violence, natural disasters and the conflict in Mindanao. 

“Over the past decade, Locsin has donated as much as 15 million pesos to causes such as educational scholarships for students, supporting the economic and political rights of indigenous people, and ending violence against women and children,” Forbes said.

Recently, the 34-year old actress extended a PhP 1 million worth of donations and personally sent the supplies of food to the earthquake victims in Mindanao.

“During the 2017 battle between the Philippine army and Islamist rebels in Marawi, she joined the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, donating and distributing food packets and school supplies to tens of thousands of displaced victims,” Forbes mentioned.

Moreover, the actress emphasized that those moments were the time when we have to act as fast as we can to save lives and rebuild communities, and we don’t even have to think why.

Angel Locsin did not only portray being “Darna” , a Filipino superhero, on television but also embodying a life-saving character in her life.

She also highlighted on her previous interview in 2017 that being a superhero does not entail to have a costume.

Being an influencer, Locsin radiates kindness by inspiring her social media followers to be generous. For her, the only motivation we need is being part of humanity.


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