PH to experience 2019’s longest night on Dec 22


Due to winter solstice, the Philippines will experience 2019’s longest night and shortest day on December 22, 2019, Sunday at 12:19 pm (PST).

“The winter solstice, which is when the sun gives off fewest sunlight hours of the year as it lies at its farthest point south of the equator, marks the start of winter for countries in the northern hemisphere and summer for those in the southern hemisphere,” CNN report explained.

Based on the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), northern hemisphere, where Philippines belong, and the Southern Hemisphere will be on set. This means that the night will become longer than the day time.

2019’s longest night indicates the winter season is already here. However, since the Philippines is a tropical country, the people of the country are expected to experience colder and longer nights.

“Earth has now completed another annual circuit around the sun,” PAGASA mentioned.

All the more, people will have a difficulty to get out of bed due to cozy and comfy feeling brought about by the cooler nights.

In some countries, winter solstice are being celebrated differently. In Ireland, people participate on lottery , as they greet the sun by gathering outside the tomb and bang drums.

Meanwhile, people of China gather as they witness the rising of the yang. “This means that the masculine and positive energy, making it an ideal time to adjust one’s diet to store yang energy, which is believed to help fight against illness,” Huang explained.


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