Davao City’s Halal Slaughterhouse To Be Ready by March


Davao City’s Halal Slaughterhouse in Baguio District is expected to be ready by March to give legitimacy for halal meat vendors.

Based on the explanation of Joseph L. Gabut, officer-in-charge of the city’s current slaughterhouse, the halal slaughterhouse for goats, cows, and carabaos will be box-type formation.

“The meat vendors who claim to offer halal are being questioned over the legitimacy of their meat. Once we have that, we can produce authentic halal meats,” Mr. Gabut said in an interview.

Further, the Department of Agriculture-Region XI supported the project by funding Php 5 million while the local government gave Php 1 million.

Apart from Davao City’s halal slaughterhouse, a modern slaughter house worth Php 76 million for hogs with its food processing facilities is expected to be finished within the year.

The abattoir has a 1250 sq. meters floor area. It obtains hog pens, manual and mechanized slaughtering areas, a blast freezer, storage, and processing equipment.

davao city's halal slaughterhouse
Photo from Sunstar

Gabut said that processed meat can be produced like chorizo, tocino, bacon.

“The original plan was to have this facility ready also by March, but the equipment for waste water treatment has yet to be bid out,” Gabut said.

The City Government of Davao will facilitate the abattoir for a year. Then, local government will offer for a public-private partnership contract.

The public will be asked for a minimum fee in using the slaughterhouse.


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