PH Remains 2nd Banana Exporter in 2019 Amidst Panama

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The Philippines remained to be the second largest banana exporter globally in 2019, with total shipments reaching a record high 4 million metric tons (MMT), the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) revealed.

Respectively, the ongoing Panama disease is the utmost threat to the industry. Stakeholders are alarm that it may be difficult to surpass or even reach similar volume of production for 2020.

“Thanks to the significant recovery in supplies in 2018 and 2019, the Philippines regained its place as second-largest global exporter of bananas behind Ecuador, accounting for an estimated 20 percent of global shipments in 2019,” the FAO said in its preliminary annual report on global banana markets published recently.

“Moreover, the Philippine Cavendish exports last year expanded by 17 percent to an “unprecedented record” of almost 4 MMT, from the 3.38 MMT posted in 2018,” FAO reported.

In 2019, Asia’s export increased by 18 percent to 4.5 MMT, from 3.8 MMT in 2018 which was caused by the increased production of Philippine cavendish.

Apart from being the second largest banana exporter in the world, the 90 percent contribution of the country to Asia’s total shipment made the Philippines as the largest producer in Asia.

“Further, Ecuador remained the world’s top exporter of Cavendish bananas last year. The FAO estimated that its total shipments reached 6.685 MMT,” report from Business Mirror said.

According to Philippine Statistics Authority, the country’s Cavendish exports from January to November 2019 reached 3.963 MMT, eclipsing the previous record shipment of 3.631 MMT in 2014.

At present, the banana industry in the Philippines is facing difficulty due to the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

China, the top market of the Philippine Cavendish, stopped its procurement (See full report: NCov May Affect Banana Industry in the Philippines).

Source: PHL still 2nd top banana exporter in 2019–FAO

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