Filipinos Need to Know About the Patients’ Bill of Rights, Free Dialysis Bill, and Anti-Hospital Deposit Law


Aside from being poor, majority of us Filipinos are not so educated when it comes to our civil and human rights. This is one of the reasons why many of us cannot or do not benefit from government bills and mandates that favor our advantages in the society. This is partly because we are not oriented to learn these important things and also because we are being so distracted by different unimportant matters that consume most of our time. Instead of focusing the time in learning and familiarizing these vital information, many of us dedicate them to entertainment and other distractive matters. However, this is also partly because many of us are busy at work earning money to feed our family and save for our future. 

One important issue that all of us should focus on is our health. This is because our health is one of the most essential tools for our survival. Obviously, if one becomes sick he or she cannot go to work and therefore cannot earn money for food. So if you have children or a family that depends on you, clearly they will also be affected. In today’s society, it seems all aspects of our lives are often being under threat which of course, affects our health, both physically and mentally. From the food that we eat to the environment that we live in, we must be conscious and take our part in taking care not only for our self but also for others as well. 

But of course no matter how health conscious we are, given that today’s environment is so full things that threaten our health, we can still get sick anytime. Even though how careful we are in our food, accidents might also happen anytime. And when this happens, one important thing is that your family knows what to do. And in case you get hospitalized, it is also important that your family or your children are aware of things that could help in you as a patient. Obviously, some of these things are government social benefits related to your rights as a Filipino citizen. So to help you and your family, here are two important documents that you need to save, print and understand or familiarize just in case time comes you might need them.

Patients’ Rights:

Free Dialysis Bill

Anti-Hospital Deposit Law:

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