PUI died in Cebu City Hospital

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A patient suspected of being affected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) died in Cebu City Hospital while waiting for the results.

“The patient was a 27-year-old female resident of the city, who was admitted in a privately owned hospital due to tuberculous (TB)-meningitis,” City Health Officer, Dr. Daisy Villa said during the press conference on Sunday evening.

“She was considered a patient under investigation (PUI) after they found out that she had been in contact with other PUIs in Cebu,” Villa added.

Respectively, the patient died due to severe pneumonia.

“We have sent her specimen to Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) before she succumbed to severe pneumonia. We’re now waiting for the results,” Villa said.

At present, they are waiting for the confirmatory results from the RITM.

The patient was diagnosed with TB-Meningitis during her first admission in the first week of February. Two weeks after the patient was discharged.

However, the patient experienced dizziness and vomiting, and was readmitted in a public hospital on March 10. Further, she was transferred in a private hospital in Cebu City.

“Physicians noted that she had cough and experienced difficulty breathing on March 12,” report from Cebu Daily New Inquirer stated.

“Before she passed away at 2:45 a.m. on March 15, surveillance officers conducted a swab test to determine if she contracted COVID-19. /dbs,”it added.

Moreover, like Davao City, Cebu City was placed under the community quarantine from March 16- April 14,2020.

At present, there are 140 people affected with COVID-19 in the Philippines. According to the Department of Health, 11 of these patients died already.


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