San Miguel Corporation to Produce Food 24/7

San Miguel Corporation
Photo from CNN Philippines

San Miguel Corporation (SMC)  Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang said that they will distribute food to poor communities, public hospitals, and government centers through producing food 24/7.

Moreover, Ang emphasized that there’s no need to panic amid the ongoing COVID-19.

He assured the public that his company obtained enough food supply to feed Filipinos nationwide for several months.

“As far as food supply is concerned, we have the capability to produce enough for everybody and deliver to supermarkets,” he said.

“Respectively, SMC will maintain its operations of its food manufacturing facilities, with heightened precautionary measures, to ensure continuous supply,” Manila Bulletin reported.

Food facilities will operate 24/7 in order to produce and distribute food. Ramon Ang noted that it is not about making profits but it’s all about ensuring the food availability for everyone

The president of San Miguel Corporation highlighted that Filipinos should stand together and help one another.

“It is our sense of duty and obligation, pagkakaisa and malasakit that will see us through these difficult times,” he said,

“I was given assurance that government, through its Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), will lend assistance in securing its food facilities to allow for continuous operation and supply of raw materials to produce food for the country,” Ang stated.

Apart from assuring the public with the food supply, Ang also assured that his employees will get paid amid the quarantine and any work discontinuation.

Other initiatives of San Miguel Corporation

Since there are shortage of alcohol, SMC will produce 70 percent ethyl alcohol at one of its facilities.

“These alcohols will be distributed for free to communities through their local government units,” report stated.

Further, disinfectant powder will also be given to give extra protection against the virus.


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