Philippines placed under state of calamity due to COVID-19

State of Calamity
Photo from Business Mirror

Due to the increasing cases of Coronavirus, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte placed the Philippines under state of calamity.

At present, there are 187 people infected with COVID-19 while 12 people already died.

Respectively, the state of calamity indicates that the national and local government can access funds quickly to address public’s needs and improve disaster preparedness to combat COVID-19.

“The Philippines will remain under a state of calamity for six months ‘unless earlier lifted or extended as circumstances may warrant’,” as cited in the Proclamation No.929.

Moreover, the enhanced community quarantine which was implemented last Monday, March 16,2020 will run up to April 12,2020. People are urged to stay at home for strict quarantine, works and mass transportation will be suspended, travel restrictions.

“Under the proclamation, all government agencies and local government units shall render full assistance and cooperation with each other to mobilize resources for disaster response aid and measures. Law enforcement groups such as the Armed Forces will also undertake all necessary measures to ensure peace and order,” CNN Philippines reported.

Respectively, President Duterte imposed a price control for basic food commodities and medical supplies to avoid hoarding and profiteering.

Further, upon the declaration of the president placing the whole country under state of calamity, price freeze will automatically be imposed on basic food commodities.

Apart from this declaration, Davao Region will also implement a lock down within 14 days starting March 19, 2020.

Suspension of land, air, water travels will be prohibited within 14 days to contain the spread of COVID-19.


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