Baby Meal Plan for Adults: Erwan Heussaff shares that He eats What Dahlia Eats!

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Dahlia, daughter of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, is becoming the netizens’ crowd favorite especially as the new star in her dad’s food vlog.

Both are pretty new to parenthood, yet it appears that it’s an experience they genuinely enjoy and cherish.

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Heussaff has always shared vlogs on food and nutrition. Now, the latest chapter to his food adventure is “Eating What My Baby Eats”!

He candidly admits that baby food is foreign to him, thinking,

“I’d never eat that!”

before having Dahlia. As a hands-on dad, he shared,

“I actually realized that you could make baby food that you and I could eat.”

“Most of the time, it ends up being made with the healthiest ingredients in the healthiest proportions. And that’s the way we should be eating as well, on a day-to-day basis.”

He then introduces his “Baby Meal Plans for Adults,” discussing his theories, research and cooking experiments.

The goal is to create the perfect portions of micro and macronutrients your baby needs.

Are there ingredients he avoids completely?

“Sugars, any form of added sugar I don’t give to her (Dahlia).”

“Salt or sodium, as you can find sodium naturally in ingredients.”

As an adult, eating foods without salt can be bland, but he said you’ll be able to appreciate the flavor and purity of the ingredients.

The netizens admired Heussaff for his attentiveness and efforts to provide Dahlia with the most nutritious meals. It appears that little Dahlia loves it too!

The video also included recipes that parents can prepare for their children or even for themselves.

Here’s the full video:

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