Tacloban Mayor Inoculated, under Scrutiny for “Cutting in Line” in the Priority List


Alfred Romualdez, 58, mayor of Tacloban City, received the COVID vaccine on March 22, 2021, with CoronaVac. But, he allegedly cut through the priority list because he is not a healthcare worker.

According to the covid-vaccination program of the Philippines, healthcare workers are the first ones who should receive the first dose of vaccines.

Mayor Romualdez didn’t deny the incident. He claimed he only did it to show his constituents, specifically the healthcare workers, that there is no harm with getting vaccinated. Particularly 50 percent of the front-line health workers are willing to get inoculated.

Tacloban Mayor on getting vaccine vs COVID-19: To boost confidence on inoculation https://www.facebook.com/tacloban.cio/posts/1455074941508670

Furthermore, he said he is more than willing to face the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), stating;

“If I have violated any guidelines, I am willing to face the consequences,” Romualdez maintained.

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