Doctors from CDC PH discuss Ivermectin with Cory Quirino #KalingangKatribu


It’s already a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started; people continue to seek alternatives even though vaccines are available.

Aside from hydroxychloroquine, another “miracle drug” already in the market for four decades is gaining much attention. What’s more, the people of the Philippines are curious and eager to acquire more information on it.

William Campbell, microbiologist Ōmura Satoshi, and Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

From the Concerned Doctors and Citizens PH (CDC PH), doctor Benigno Agbayani Jr. and doctor Allan Landrito had an hour’s length discussion with Cory Quirino on the FB live #KalingangKatribu about Ivermectin.


“This is the solution to the pandemic. Why? (This) is the right molecule that’ll handle the virus.” according to Dr. Landrito. 

He then explains the different IVM mechanisms which ensure that transmissions, infections, and getting sick will no longer be a threat.

Ms. Quirino then asked Dr. Agbayani about his views on IVM.

“Unang-una po kailangan na po talaga. Lalong-lalo na dumadami ating kaso at naoospital. Kailangan natin ng gamot bago pa maospital.”

(“First and foremost, we badly need it already, especially with rising numbers of cases and hospitalizations. We need medicine even before we get hospitalized (or before the illness gets worse). ) 

Dr. Landrito is the proponent of Ivermectin in the Philippines and has been prescribing the medication since July of 2020. 

Dr. Landrito said it is not engineered and comes naturally from the bacteria Streptomyces avermitilis, discovered by Satoshi Ōmura.

Thus, when the body metabolizes the drug, it tolerates it well.

“There are other doctors who say that Ivermectin is meant only for animals and should not be taken by humans. What can you say about statements like this?” Quirino asked.

Dr. Agbayani shared that in the Philippines, they have yet to hear doctors prescribing animal grade IVM to humans. It would be an irresponsible practice as a doctor.

They clarified that they are not against the government. As a matter of fact, they requested since last year an audience with the President, DOH and FDA to offer their services to help the people be free from fear and the plummeting economy. Somehow, their humble request has not been granted yet.

Within the hour-length discussion, both doctors all the vital information they can get to the viewers who asked questions throughout the interview. It comprised comorbidities and medications that may or may not be suitable if they were to take Ivermectin. Clinical trials are ongoing throughout the globe.

At the end of the Facebook live, Quirino stated that the CDC PH with Dr. Landrito wishes to convey hope amidst the pandemic. Would you like to watch and listen to the doctor’s of CDC PH? Watch here:

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