Baron Geisler’s life regrets and revelations

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Whenever someone mentions his name, people already know who he is.

They know that he is a man full of controversies, violent issues, and much more.

He was already a notable child star since he was young. Nobody can ever deny his astounding skills with acting. However, the problems he caused to other people were undeniable too.

It took some time before his whole transformation happened, but it finally did.

On April 04, 2021, Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano, more popularly known as “Toni Gonzaga, ” uploaded a video on her Youtube channel. It’s entitled “The Demons Baron Battled” from her talk show, Toni Talks.

“Even before me being an alcoholic, I was a self-centered human being.”

While in rehab, he did his best to search for the root cause and foremost problem of why he was the way he was.

Toni Gonzaga asked:

“Did you ever have anger management issues?

Geisler immediately said:

“Yes, and it was intense!”

As he had strict and disciplinarian parents, he experienced spanking. When he entered show business, it was a new world for him to get away from his family environment.

He shares that change comes from within. Geisler needed to go through rehab seven times.

Gonzaga then asked Geisler if there were any issues he was previously involved in that he genuinely regrets.

Geisler responded:

“Me being a good son to my mother.”

“My dream during that time was for my mom to see me clean.”

His mother passed away in 2017.

Although the stigma and doubts are thrown at him, he knows the truth.

“My recovery is not for Jamie. It’s not for Tali. It’s for me because how can I lead a family if I am not ready? If I am not whole?”

He further shared why he married his wife, what his daughter’s influence on him, his dreams and perspectives in life.

Watch the full interview here:

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