Kath Mesina: ‘King Badger’ Left Me Messages Too


Jon Gutierrez, aka “King Badger,” seems to be a pretty friendly guy even though he is already married to Jelai Andres.

Another woman surfaces amidst all the rumors revolving around the “King Badger” and alleged womanizing stories.

On April 2, 2021, Kath Mesia, social media sensation princess, shared that Gutierrez left her messages. But, she made an exciting move. She openly discussed the matter with Gutierrez’s wife, Andres.

“Chinat din ako ni badger sa snapchat dati nung niloko nya si jelai at kalat na issue non kasi may kantang walang gana na non eh pero di ako pumayag maging kabit, nagsumbong agad ako kay jelai haha! skl,”

“Badger left me messages too on Snapchat before when he was fooling Jelai, and the issue was circulating (throughout the community) because the song “walang gana” was already out. But I didn’t give in to become his other woman; I immediately informed Jelai.

Mesina has the receipts to support her claims and shared them publicly too.

“Eto ibang convo namin ni ate jelai.. last pic tignan niyo hahaha i’m a fan at galit talaga ko sa manloloko lalo sa mga babaeng mahilig kumabit,” sabi pa ng dalaga.

“This was our (Jelai) convo.. In the last pic you’ll see that I’m a fan, and cheaters make me angry, especially with women who like to hook up (with a man already in a relationship),” Mesina stated.

She also wrote that women should stand up and help each other. Adding that (cheaters) shouldn’t wait for the time they’ll get busted; thus, it’s best not to start the foolishness at all.

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Lois I.