Trillanes to run for President in 2022


On May 13, 2021, many netizens were caught off-guard because President Duterte’s staunchest critic declared another engaging statement.

The former senator Antonio Trillanes IV announced that he would likely run for the 2022 presidency. If and only if the current Vice President Leni Robredo chooses not to pursue the seat.

May 12, 2021, Trillanes announced that he came to a decision, and according to the wishes of the 1SAMBAYAN Coalition, he may become the alternative candidate as running president.

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“In view of VP Leni’s preparations to run for Governor of Camarines Sur in 2022, I, together with the Magdalo group, have decided to convey to the 1SAMBAYAN Coalition to change my status from being an alternate candidate (to VP Leni) to being a principal candidate for president to vie for the Coalition’s nomination. “

The former legislator made it clear that he does not have any intentions to divide the opposition.

He then stressed that the upcoming 2022 elections would hold the most crucial part of the Philippines’ chronicle after 1986.

In his interview on ANC 24/7, Trillanes said that he would take VP Robredo’s place if she does not want to run in 2022. But if Robredo decides to run, he stated;

“Then I would wholeheartedly step aside as I have mentioned and withdraw my candidacy in her favor.”

Does he think he can win in 2022?

“Well, it’s in the hands of the electorate. It’s going to be a long campaign, and we would have enough time to win over the hearts and minds of the people. Convince them (electorate) that we’re offering the best program of the government—the best alternative for our country and people.”

“The power in democracy resides in the voter.”

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