Fans excited over the upcoming live action remake of Voltes V


GMA, a Philippine TV Network, recently released a five-minute trailer of Voltes V: Legacy, a live-action remake of the popular Japanese anime.

The show is directed by Mark Reyes, while Suzette Doctolero handles the writing. The series is set to consist of 80 episodes.

Reyes worked closely with Toei Company, to make sure the live action series will be faithful to the source material. Riot Inc. Post Production and GMA Post Video for the CGI.

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The show follows five young pilots played by Miguel Tanfelix (Steve Armstrong), Ysabel Ortega (Jamie Robinson), Radson Flores (Mark Gordon), Matt Lozano (Big Bert) and Raphael Landicho (Little Jon Armstrong) as they steadily thwart the Boazanian invasion of Earth under the command of the formidable Prince Heinell using their battle robots, which when combined becomes the titular Voltes V.

In 1978, Voltes V (Ch Denji Machine Voltes V) made its Philippine television debut on GMA-7 with an English dub. Due to “extreme violence,” then-Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos stopped Voltes V and other anime from showing on television with just five episodes remaining.

In 1986, however, after Marcos was overthrown, PTV-4 resumed airing the whole series. Voltes V also broadcast in 1986 on ABS-CBN and in 1989 on IBC-13 (which dubbed the first 11 episodes in Tagalog).

Voltes V was rebroadcast on GMA-7 in 1999 with a Tagalog dub. In 2005, HERO TV also broadcast a re-dub of Voltes V in Tagalog. A redubbed version was most recently shown on GMA-7 in 2017. Voltes V is licensed in the Philippines by Telesuccess Productions.

The official five minutes mega trailer received a lot of favorable comments from fans around the world, with more than two million views and counting in Youtube.

Although there is no official release date yet, Voltes V: Legacy is expected to air in early 2023.

Watch the Voltes V: Legacy Official 5 Minutes Trailer

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