7 Filipino Celebrities Who Have Their Own Fashion Brands

Here are 7 Filipino celebrities who have made their mark in the fashion industry with their unique and successful fashion brands.

The world of fashion is not limited to renowned designers and iconic fashion houses. Many celebrities have ventured into the fashion industry, leveraging their personal style and influence to create their own fashion brands. In the Philippines, several celebrities have successfully established their names in the fashion world by launching their own clothing lines, accessories, and beauty brands. Here are 7 Filipino celebrities who have made their mark in the fashion industry with their unique and successful fashion brands.

Anne Curtis:

Anne Curtis, a household name in the Philippine entertainment industry, has expanded her reach to the world of fashion. Known for her impeccable style and fashion-forward choices, Anne launched her own clothing line called “BLK” in 2017. BLK offers a range of trendy and wearable clothing, including casual wear, athleisure, and statement pieces. Anne’s brand has garnered attention for its versatility, catering to different styles and body types.

Heart Evangelista:

Heart Evangelista, an actress, artist, and fashion icon, has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. With her impeccable taste and flair for style, Heart launched her eponymous fashion brand, “Love Marie,” in 2014. Love Marie features a collection of elegant and sophisticated clothing, accessories, and home decor items. Heart’s brand reflects her personal style, characterized by feminine silhouettes, intricate details, and timeless elegance.

Vice Ganda:

Vice Ganda, a popular comedian and television host, has successfully ventured into the fashion industry with the launch of his own clothing line, “Vice Cosmetics.” While primarily known for its makeup products, Vice Cosmetics also offers a range of trendy and affordable clothing. Vice’s brand embraces inclusivity, aiming to cater to people of all genders, sizes, and backgrounds. His bold and vibrant fashion choices are reflected in his brand’s offerings.

Kathryn Bernardo:

Kathryn Bernardo, a versatile actress and a fashion icon for many young Filipinos, has also made her mark in the fashion industry. With her effortless style and youthful appeal, Kathryn launched her own fashion brand, “Kathryn’s Closet.” The brand offers a curated collection of clothing and accessories inspired by Kathryn’s personal taste, featuring casual wear, statement pieces, and trendy accessories. Kathryn’s brand has resonated with her young fan base, allowing them to emulate her fashion choices.

Sarah Lahbati:

Sarah Lahbati, an actress and model, has ventured into the fashion industry with the launch of her swimwear brand, “Sarah Lahbati Swim.” Known for her stunning beach photos and fashion-forward style, Sarah’s brand offers a range of swimwear pieces that embody her personal aesthetic. From bikinis to one-pieces, Sarah Lahbati Swim reflects her love for the sun, sand, and sea. Her brand’s designs focus on quality, comfort, and timeless elegance.

Erich Gonzales:

Erich Gonzales, a talented actress and entrepreneur, has successfully established her own fashion brand, “Erin.” Erin offers a collection of stylish and versatile clothing designed for modern women. The brand showcases Erich’s love for minimalism, incorporating clean lines, classic silhouettes, and neutral tones into its designs. Erin’s pieces are known for their simplicity and wearability, catering to women who appreciate effortless style.

Maine Mendoza:

Maine Mendoza, a social media sensation and actress, has expanded her influence to the fashion industry by launching her own makeup brand, “Human Nature x Maine.” Collaborating with the local beauty brand Human Nature, Maine’s makeup line features a range of cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products. Her brand promotes natural beauty and encourages consumers to make

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