Insightful Revelation? Unveiling the Truth Behind Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez’s Breakup

Moira's agency, Cornerstone Entertainment, responded to the claims, asserting that the statement about a majority of Moira's hits being composed by her ex-husband was grossly inaccurate.

Renowned lyricist and composer, Lolito Go, recently took to Facebook to share his perspective on the breakup of Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez, shedding light on their relationship based on his personal experiences with the former couple. Go’s revelations have sparked conversations online, challenging the prevailing narrative surrounding their separation.

Go expressed his frustration over the public’s tendency to criticize Jason while he remained silent to protect Moira. Breaking his neutrality, Go emphasized that Jason had shouldered the blame and faced public backlash, even though he did not have a third party involved in their relationship. According to Go, Jason’s only mistake was seeking physical satisfaction outside the marriage because Moira couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs.

Moreover, Go disclosed that Moira had already found a new partner before Jason admitted his mistake. This revelation hinted at the existence of someone who would accompany Moira in experiencing the joys and sorrows of life, and the release of defamatory songs about Jason only added fuel to the fire. Go alleged that a significant portion of Moira’s hits were composed by Jason, and she capitalized on their breakup to gain sympathy from her audience during performances.

Despite his candid account, Go expressed his hopes for Moira and Jason’s healing process as they navigate life post-breakup. He wished for their individual melodies to intertwine once again, not to recreate the past, but to demonstrate growth and resilience. Go’s post also shed light on his personal and professional history with Moira, sharing instances where he was not credited or adequately compensated for his songwriting contributions.

Moira’s agency, Cornerstone Entertainment, responded to the claims, asserting that the statement about a majority of Moira’s hits being composed by her ex-husband was grossly inaccurate. They clarified that while Jason contributed to some songs, Moira played an equally significant role, even surpassing his contributions in some cases. The agency emphasized that Moira’s debut album, “Malaya,” catapulted her career and showcased her songwriting prowess.

The vice president of Cornerstone Entertainment, Jeff Vadillo, staunchly defended Moira, stating that she never required the services of a ghostwriter. He dismissed the claim that she negotiated a lower payment for songwriting services, emphasizing her capability and success as an independent songwriter. Vadillo urged critics to acknowledge Moira’s hard work and talent, urging them to refrain from invalidating her contributions.

Moira and Jason have yet to respond to the circulating claims made by both parties. The public eagerly awaits their perspective on the matter. PhilSTAR L!fe has reached out to their management for a statement but has not received a response as of now.

The couple, who were once Music Production students at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, tied the knot on January 8, 2019, following a two-year courtship that began in February 2017. After Jason confessed to being unfaithful during their marriage, the couple made the difficult decision to part ways in May 2022.

In light of the recent revelations by Lolito Go, a more nuanced understanding of Moira and Jason’s breakup emerges. The public is reminded to approach the situation with empathy and respect for both parties involved, allowing them the space to heal and grow individually.

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