Kris Aquino Opens Up About Battling Multiple Autoimmune Conditions and Starting New Medication


Kris Aquino, a well-known personality, recently shared an update on her health battle against multiple autoimmune conditions. She revealed on Instagram that she has started taking a new medication called methotrexate, which belongs to a class of drugs known as antimetabolites.

Aquino explained that methotrexate is typically used in the treatment of cancer. Its mechanism of action involves slowing down the growth of cancer cells. Additionally, the medication is also used for psoriasis to inhibit the growth of skin cells, preventing the formation of scales. Furthermore, methotrexate can be beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis patients as it reduces the activity of the immune system.

In her post, Aquino mentioned that her recent chest CT scan showed scarring and micronodules in her right lung. This discovery posed a challenge for her doctor, Dr. John Belperio from UCLA, to convince her about starting methotrexate. Aquino was initially hesitant due to concerns about her compromised immunity. However, her inflammatory markers and ANA (antinuclear antibody) levels were elevated, indicating the presence of connective tissue disease.

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Aquino disclosed that she is now classified as positive for a connective tissue disease, which encompasses conditions like SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma. She emphasized that she already has five autoimmune conditions and there is a possibility of it increasing to six.

Concluding her heartfelt post, Aquino humbly asked her fans for continued prayers and support during her health journey. She expressed her fear of sharing this information publicly, worried that it might discourage people from praying for her, her doctors, her sons, and her sisters. Despite her challenges, she assured everyone that she remains resilient and hopeful, urging her supporters not to give up on her.

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