Prices of agricultural commodities get cheaper

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Supplies of agricultural produce are continuously recovering in some areas in the country which result prices to decline, according to the latest price monitoring of the Philippine Statistics Authority.

A table shown below of price decreased of commodities in the different regions in the Philippines.

Agricultural commodity
City/ Region
Price decrease by
 (Php/ 1kg)
1. PalayIlo-ilo CityPhp 4 ( From Php 20-Php16)
2. Premium RiceDavao CityPhp 1
3. Premium RiceButuan City and Kidapawan CityPhp 2
4. Dressed ChickenNCRPhp 10
5. GalunggongDavao City and Zamboanga CityPhp 40
6. TilapiaBatangas CityPhp10

Decrease in the Buying Price of Palay

According to the Department of Agriculture Secretary, Emmanuel F. Piñol, price of milled-rice in Ilo-ilo City dropped at Php43 per kilogram from Php 60. Retail price of rice had dropped due to the impending arrival of rice. It is expected that it will reach over 1 million metric tons of supply by the end of the year.

The buying price of palay also decreased which attributed the retail price of rice to fall. National Food Authority (NFA) will buy farmers’ harvest of Palay in order to help them earn. Starting on October 19, the NFA will implement the local procurement program for Palay in Ilo-ilo. The buying price of palay will be at Php17 per kilo and additional Php3.50 per kilo for incentives.

Other commodities

Apart from the agricultural produce that were mentioned above, carrots are cheaper by Php10-80  and habitchuelas per kilogram had dropped to Php 10-40.




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