Signs that you are a “Kamote Rider”


Kamote Riders are on the streets of the Philippines, literally everywhere.
You might see them beating the red light, stopping right just beside the pedestrian lane or driving a motorcycle without any proper gear nor attire.

They are always reckless. They always do useless modification on their vehicles. And when they get apprehended by an LTO officer, they feel that the government are just getting money out of their pocket as if they did not do anything wrong.

Some of them think that they are above the law. Some think that they are always being oppressed. But that the thing that they don’t know is that, they are the root cause of major problems on public roads.

Riders, they are your “kamote” riders. Don’t get offended by the signs that you will be reading below.
They are going to be your worst enemy along the road. They don’t just do pep talk or doing some bad sign languages they also endanger the lives of pedestrians and other motorists. And guess what? They don’t care.

If you can identify with these items, then, unfortunately, you are one of them. Thankfully, being a kamote driver isn’t forever and you can actually do something to change your wrong doing.  If you want to see the other signs, check the link down below.



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