Agri Opportunity: Increasing Demand for Frozen Durian in China



(Photo credit from Sunstar)

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is a potential area to be planted by Durian due to the expected increase of demand for frozen Durian in China, Davao City Durian Industry Council (DCDIC) reported.

According to the report from Business World, Council President Candelario B. Miculob  export protocols and other requirements have been submitted to the Chinese government.

To date, Philippines exported four crops to China: : coconut, banana, mango and pineapple.

Miculob hopes that the Durian will already be included within the year. Amendment of bilateral trade agreement is also expected once Durian inclusion is already approved.

Moreover, report stated that ” several Chinese traders have expressed interest in importing frozen durian, with one proposing an order of 260 tons or about 200 container vans a year”.

Accordingly, Miculob said that (Mindanao) is not usually hit by typhoons and we should capitalize on this advantage to benefit other farmers, especially those in BARMM areas. Thus, the council viewed to expand in order to meet the demand for frozen Durian. Miculob also plans to increase Durian production by 1,000 hectares per year.

Respectively, the council is already negotiation to Indigenous People (IP) in occupying the idle land.

Primarily, Davao City is accounted with the largest production of Durian, acquiring 3000 hectares of farm per year.


Davao durian growers considering BARMM farms to meet expected surge in China demand

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