PH Markets Eradicate Single-Use of Plastics

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Tons of plastic waste have been recently a problem in our environment, specially in the ocean. To date,various markets in the Philippines have removed single-use of plastics to promote environmental responsibility.

Here are the simple ways on how markets transformed their eco-friendly packaging to avoid single-use of plastic:

  1. Robinson Supermarkets

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Read full article here Hooray, Our Local Farms Are Now Using Plastic-Free Packaging!

2. NCCC Supermarket

Aside from Robinsons, another supermarket had also switch into more sustainable packaging.

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Full story here Helen’s farm vegetables packaged in banana leaves sold at NCCC supermarket


AGREA, an agri-social enterprise, is also advocate for environmental responsibility.

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With all of these transformation of packaging, supermarkets are also promoting the use of eco-bags. In Davao City, NCCC has its green lane to allow shoppers to use their reusable bags or pack them using boxes.

We give you more packing options to help you begin your #GoGreen grocery habits! Skip plastic bags in packing your…

Posted by NCCC Supermarket on Friday, April 12, 2019


Further, Vietnam  featured their other way of mitigating single-use of plastics. See full article here : Saigon florist replaces plastic wrap with leaves for bouquet packaging

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Future Outlook about Single-use of Plastics in the Philippines

According to a report, single-use of plastics will be banned soon in the Philippines.

“House Bill No. 8692, or the “Ban on Single-use Plastic Products” was recently filed at the House of Representatives at the start of January. It calls for a total ban on single-use plastics, as well as a phase-out plan for plastics already in use. The bill still has to go through the approval process by Congress, but it has already gained traction”. See full article here LOOK: Single-use plastics might soon be banned in the Philippines

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